Sea God

Young Sky spends her days free-diving in the pristine island cove where her village lives in isolation from the rest of the world. But she keeps a secret…that secret is Dilan.

Dilan is a handsome sailor who taught Sky how to free dive and secretly visits Sky to continue to teach her to laugh, smile, and dream big dreams.

As traditions of her village force Sky to choose between the fate that is being arranged for her and the fate she has envisioned for herself, her choice will be one between life and death. And not just her own life is on the line. Full of hope that she can change her future, Sky pushes the boundaries of tradition and the Chief that rules over their village with an iron fist.

Sea God is a coming of age tale about a girl that just wants to be herself and becomes a woman that captivates a village. What happens next is the stuff of legends.

This is a deliciously sweet romance with a twist of revenge and a splash of darkness.

Sep 15, 2014

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September 2014

242 Pages


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