Fallen Asleep

Acceptance of Fate – Is it Brave and Inspiring, or Self-Destructive?

Only 19 years old as she begins her journey, Alexandra finds herself on the outside of society looking in because of her terminal illness. Her sister, Elizabeth, refuses to plan for life after death in the event that Alexandra’s treatment fails. Forced to face her mortality on her own, Alexandra tries to live every day she has left with grace and dignity. But her doctor has other plans – including tipping the scales of fate.

Can Alexandra face the harsh reality of her circumstances and walk away from the last-minute illusion her doctor is attempting to administer? Or will Alexandra embrace the chance to cheat death? And who will pay the price in the end?

Fallen Asleep is a stand-alone short story prequel that looks into the life of Alexandra, the young woman that sparks a Utopian revolution in the name of love, in The Fallen Trilogy.

Nov 19, 2014

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November 2014


By Arianne (CA, USA) -
the kind of story that would have you asking:
"is that possible?" ,
"what would happen next?"
FALLEN ASLEEP deserves a place in my kindle shelf!

5.0 out of 5 stars

Less than 10,000 words

Mature themes
Terminal Illness
End of life

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