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I’m planning on placing a video of myself here in a little while but until then I thought I would just give a run down of what I’m all about.

I’m a wing-it kind of woman and I really love that about writing so it’s a perfect fit! Writing books has been my hobby since I was a little girl but, like many writers, I was told I couldn’t ever make any money at writing and to give up my hopeless dream.

As luck would have it, I published my first book nearly ten years ago. Not the most patient person in the world, I gave up writing as soon as I began since my book didn’t seem to be well received (self published under a pen name).

Would you venture to guess what happened next? I wrote a book or two here and there but I didn’t keep track of it all. It was a pipe dream, I was told, so I wrote in the quiet hours of the evenings through the years on things that interested me. I joined the military, I saw the world, I broke hearts and had my heart broken as well. It was only a taste of what the world had to offer but it was enough to make me a world traveler at heart and a lover of the ocean every day of my life.

And when I got my two legs back on solid ground and went home to go to college I discovered writing all over again in my creative writing classes. I checked in on the books I had almost completely forgotten about and discovered that I had, for years without realizing it, been a ‘best selling author’ in countries I had and hadn’t visited. It’s entirely possible that as I elbowed my way around a busy counter in Italy, trying to get a simple american style cream-and-sugar-coffee, that the person just next to me could have been reading a copy of one of my books on her break. You would think that this is where the reality sank in – that I could live the dream I had always wanted to, that I could become a famous writer and live off of the funds and travel the world…but I was my own enemy that day. I talked myself out of my dream, chalking it up to luck or a mistake, a life that someone else deserved more than me. *insert sad puppy eyes*

It wasn’t until I spent a summer traveling with my older brother as I worked on launching an online game (single handed, I about lost my darn mind – I kid you not) that I began to look at writing once again. But the leaves change colors and faster than you realize they are falling off of the trees, signaling a time for change, to move again, to continue to roam.

The winds blow travelers to the different corners of the earth looking for the next adventure or at least purpose. My travels took me to Las Vegas, to mountain tops overlooking the Stanley Hotel (the Shining) where I said “Yes” to a wonderful man, back and forth across the country on a variety of road trips, and finally to New York.

It all sounds whirlwind and amazing but it’s dotted with tears, fears, and mountains of doubt. And in the quiet stillness after so much time moving around, traveling, I found myself in a winter wonderland (I’m not a winter kind of person) with two small children (I’ve never been around children 24/7 before) and a lot of time on my hands. By chance, I happened to read an article about a romance author that found herself in a similar situation several years ago.

She did arts and crafts and baked and sewed and…I had started to do all those same things as well. I looked around at the half finished projects that were piling up and continued to read her story – that she found herself snowed in with two small children much like I was experiencing, and I felt it was a sign. I felt like she and I were living a double life! And then came the part of her story that really socked it to me – she saved her sanity by writing stories. And it really did save her sanity. And she became a romance author, one of the most prolific authors of our time.

You would think that this would hit me like a ton of bricks but really, I just shrugged. I did take up writing and slowly my other projects disappeared. Slowly, the only hobby that remained was my writing. I pittered and pattered around the keys of my computer in complete bliss, not a thought for who might eventually read what I clickity-clacked on the keyboard.

It wasn’t until I had made a passing comment a few months later that anything came of it. I had commented on my royalty check, or what I called ‘beer and pizza money’, and my sweetheart began to push me towards the idea of taking my writing more seriously, with gentle nudges. I tested the waters with various pen names and had a good response but knew nothing of marketing or even what genre I was writing.

I was adrift in a new world. It’s not like I had gone to college for that! I thought I was going to spend my life working with computers – in a completely unrelated way! After some trial, error, and a year, I decided I was ready to launch my real face into fiction. I began and haven’t looked back with a smile on my face, and the occasional tear or two but mostly smiles.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the story of my life! It sounds more glamorous than it really is. And if you haven’t tried my books, I love giving away free copies to all of my readers so be sure to check out the book club. That’s all for now. Mostly because I was chopping hot peppers in the kitchen a bit ago and just bit my nail for a second – so now my mouth is on fire and I really have to go!

– Written with Love,
Karisha Prescott

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